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We are between the sanVito’s trabocchi-seaside and lido Riccio, with particular palces like “Punta Mucchiola”, “Punta di Acqua bella” and “Ripari di Giobbe”.


Stefano Cantalini

Tel.: 328 0479306


The Harbour


By train:

When you arrive on the Ortona’s station, go on to the sud direction in  “via Cervana” ( in front of the  beach resort and the Harbour ).

In the square, where is the newsstand,  continue to the sea and where you can find, on the left, our boat .

By car:

SS 16  km 440+800 Ortona’s Harbour exit, you can park under the  ramp that you use to arrive, near the newsstand and the beach resort “Eldorado” , continue to the sea on the Saraceni’s pier till barrier, we are there ,in the corner.

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